STEMCO Kaiser™ Axle Pro Equipment™

Everything you need for Axel Repair

Only the STEMCO Kaiser™ Axle Pro Equipment™ gives you everything you need to enhance worn axle eyes. This revolutionary piece of equipment comes with mounting brackets, a magnetic based drill, coolant and safety equipment. If you're looking for an affordable, simple and quick way to enhance worn axle eyes choose the STEMCO Kaiser™ APE.

Benefits of the STEMCO Kaiser™ Axle Pro Equipment

  • Contains everything you need to enhance worn axle eyes
  • Pre-sized, pre-cut hardened sleeves for each axle
  • Able to resize the axle eye in just minutes
  • New bushing design fixes out of round axle
  • Achieving maximum axle eye life
  • And much more


Are you leaving too much rubber on the road?

Central Connecticut Tank and Truck offers the most technologically advanced computer alignment system available today to perform this service. The BEE LINE LC7500 has laser accurate precision. Along with Increased fuel mileage you will reduce tire wear.

The Bee Line LC7500 computer alignment system features many other improvements, including a 32" HD TV monitor with built-in speakers matched with the enhanced cabinet design, custom-molded top and the remote display charging station. The software screens have been redesigned to maximize font size for ease of viewing, and drop-down menus make it easier to navigate. Durability is improved with fewer fewer moving internal parts. Target board sensors and processors operate at 88MHZ and the number of sensors has been increased to 1,800, an increase that allows the machine to calculate the laser strike to an accuracy of 0.005"

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Total Truck Alignment with Laser Accurate Precision

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Click to enlarge / download PDF